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  1. SilverCat-sama Jun 22, 2016

    Quote by xraptor7

    Unfortunately I didn't mean that in a good way, it's fine if their art was that they were floating, but that's not the case. They are standing on thin air which is a poor design choice in my opinion.

    Umm... yes I knew u didnt mean that in a good way (maybe I wrote the wrong english -not my original language btw'). They r standing in some abstract... 'things'. Maybe my choice of brushes are indeed poor for some people. But why did I satisfied with it? (That's my problem). Perhaps it's bcoz I just chose n use whatever my mood wanted at the time. Poor combination of blood splatter n smoke-things. Yeah, I was kinda in the bad-mood when I made this one in the office. I should think to make a good wallpaper rather than just expressing my mood. Thanks for your opinion, Xraptor.

  2. SilverCat-sama Jun 21, 2016

    Quote by xraptor7 Hmm, they all look like they're floating, you might want to do something about that.

    Yeah. Indeed.That's the idea. That's why I didn't add any solid background

  3. damsdu597 May 02, 2016

    thx you for fav xraptor7 .

  4. srsn Apr 08, 2016

    Thank you for the +fave on my wallpaper

  5. srsn Apr 06, 2016

    Thanks for the +fave on my wallpaper

  6. agent-Achika Mar 30, 2016

    Gd evening xraptor7!
    -Much has changed since 2006
    when I first made this account in high school.
    I am now in college pursuing a B.A degree
    in a complex field as an ASL Interpreter.
    I have more info on my career on
    my actual UP in one of those 3 boxes.
    -Cool, it's nice that U've traveled across the globe.
    -Got a favorite country?
    -Do U find Canada & US similar?
    -What drew you to chemical engineering?
    -I like drawing as a hobbie.
    I also enjoy: shopping online, hanging w/friends,
    going out to eat, karaoke, rock climbing etc.
    -I ♥reading reg novels & mangas.
    I've never heard of the series (Mahou Sensei Negima).
    Would you recommend it?
    I am currently reading: (Sankarea) & (All U Need is Kill).
    There are a ton of other mangas I wanna read asap
    but first I need to complete these 2 series which is long overdue.
    I like more: seinen, sci-fi, comedy, action, drama
    themed series but geared towards adult audiences
    if that even makes any sense.
    -Btw a (UP) = (Userpage) hehehe......
    -Which genre of videogames do you prefer?
    -Seen any new 2016 films yet?

  7. agent-Achika Mar 24, 2016

    Gd evening Xraptor7!
    Its nice to meet you.
    -How are U?
    -Been here on MT long?
    -How long have U been making wallies?
    -Do art as a career?
    -Got any fun hobbies?
    -Ever traveled outside of the UK?
    -Watch anime or read manga at all?
    -U have such a lovely UP.
    Pls reply & thanks for reading :)

  8. princessLINDA Feb 27, 2016

    I've always wanted to reply to your comment (on the Cardcaptor Sakura wallpaper I made eons ago), but I couldn't think of how until now, LOOOL. *le fail*

    ANYWAY, thank you so much! I feel like I've been complimented by a professional art critic, or something, so I'm super happy, and flattered! (*~▽~)

  9. Painter Jan 23, 2016

    Thank you for the fav :)

  10. ndox900 Jan 22, 2016
    thank you :]

  11. Masterchief80 Jan 22, 2016

    Thanks Xraptor7 for your fav.

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